The untold truth of women’s health and why AI is the only solution.

  1. Importance of Diagnosis
  2. How AI can help?
  3. So what does this mean?

Why should we care about women’s health?

For the longest time now we thought women were the same as men.

  • 70% of women are more likely to develop lung cancer
  • 50% of women don’t get the correct heart failure treatment
  • women are represented in less than 20% of clinical trials of treatment
  • 90% of women are primary healthcare decision-makers

Women are taking medication dedicated to men.

Imagine having been told by your parents (people you trust so much) to take a cigarette a day because it will “help” with your mental health.

The Importance of Diagnosis

Diagnosing conditions and diseases can lead to more accurate solutions, but don’t we already have “ok” diagnostic methods?

How do we do this?

Right now, if someone has symptom’s or gets an x-ray, that would be the only way to tell if someone has a disease.

To start, let’s breakdown the basics of AI!

There are two different types of AI, Weak AI which allows computers to outperform humans in some very specific tasks and Artificial General Intelligence, the ability of a machine to perform the same intellectual tasks as a human being (we are far from reaching it).

Machine Learning

Machine Learning, is a system capable of taking large amounts of data, developing models that can successfully classify them and then make predictions with new data.

So what does this mean for women?

If we can predict the likelihood of someone developing a disease or condition we can prevent it from happening.

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