My 2021 Annual Review

  • Highlights from the year: working on suicide prevention, being a UNICEF ambassador and interning at P&G
  • Learnings from the year
  • 2022 action plan

My 2021 in Numbers

Working towards preventing suicide!

My UNICEF Article:
  • Isi for all your support and assistance in the patent process of my work. I am extremely grateful for your willingness to help out and for your belief in my work and it’s impact.
  • Carolee and Michael from Google, your support and technical guidance has been really pivotal in my work.
  • Husseini and the whole J&J Mental Health team, thank you for your guidance and for making the connections to further my impact
  • Matt and Meg + facebook team, your continuous support and encouragement is so appreciated, excited to make an impact with your support and opportunities.

Empowering over 500,000 people!

Check out a montage with some of my favourite talks!

Advocacy work!

Voices of Youth Episode on Mental Health

Youngest intern at Procter & Gamble

Winning the Princess Diana Award

Spreading hope with my non-profit The HopeSisters

Travelling to San Francisco with my sister for a week!

Building a moonshot to solve the infertility crisis

Learnings from 2021

  • Sean, thank you for being my first and best manager, your belief in my impact and encouragement is the reason I am where I am today!
  • Nkechi, I can’t thank you enough for all the mentoring hours over the past year, and for the lessons you have taught me on comparison and impact.
  • Laura, for being the first person to believe in my work to prevent suicide and for her determination in getting my model out there.
  • Esther and Seema, for being my second mothers in Tract and in San Francisco, and for always believing in what my sister and I are doing.
  • Marrisa Mayer’s (Former CEO of Yahoo) framework to making decisions is something that has stuck with me from the first time I heard it. Her framework is to make a decision that 1) has smart people 2) you’re the most unprepared for
  • I was left inspired after reading Naval’s (Angel Investor and Philosopher) book “The Almanack of Naval”, he talked about how life is all about choosing your battles and passion is really just “what you are willing to suffer for”.

My 2022 Goals!

Ending note!



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Alisha Arora

Alisha Arora

15 yo futurist, change maker and innovator at The Knowledge Society.