How we can eliminate one of the worlds most deadliest disease(no not corona)!

First, let’s take a look at how cancer works.

But how do cells even become cancerous?

How do cancer cells spread?

The difference between cancer cells and normal cells

  • Cancer cells are less specialized than normal cells
  • Cancer cells ignore all signals that tells the cell to stop dividing (cell death)
  • Cancer cells evade the immune system
  • The immune systems get rid of infections although some cancer cells hide from the immune system
  • Cancer cells convince the immune system to not kill cancer cells

How do we cure Cancer?

1. Immunotherapy

  1. Cytokines — Proteins made by your body’s cells.
  2. BCG — An immunotherapy that is used to treat bladder cancer.

2. Genome Therapy

3. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

What institutions are doing?




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Alisha Arora

Alisha Arora


15 yo futurist, change maker and innovator at The Knowledge Society.