How we can eliminate one of the worlds most deadliest disease(no not corona)!

First, let’s take a look at how cancer works.

There are over A TRILLION cells in your body!

But how do cells even become cancerous?

When the DNA in a cell has been damaged, lost or copied twice it causes a mutation in the gene. Mutated genes don’t respond properly because the instructions in the DNA gets mixed up. This can cause cells that shouldn’t be dividing to divide and grow out of control which causes cancer.

How do cancer cells spread?

Think back to your grade 8 science class, where you learned all about cells! Your teacher probably told you about cells dividing.

The difference between cancer cells and normal cells

  • Cancer cells are less specialized than normal cells
  • Cancer cells ignore all signals that tells the cell to stop dividing (cell death)
  • Cancer cells evade the immune system
  • The immune systems get rid of infections although some cancer cells hide from the immune system
  • Cancer cells convince the immune system to not kill cancer cells

How do we cure Cancer?

So you’re probably wondering “Alisha, so how do we solve cancer, can you just get to the point?”

1. Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a treatment the will stimulate the patient’s immune system to attack cancer.

  1. BCG — An immunotherapy that is used to treat bladder cancer.

2. Genome Therapy

What if we can remove the mutated gene and replace it with healthy genetic material to cure cancer? Or what if we could put extra genetic material in our white blood cells to destroy tumours in hopes to cure cancer?

3. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence we can analyze the genomes and train a model to identify components that are unique to cancer patients as there are certain components called epitopes that we identify by comparing DNA from tumours to the DNA of healthy tissue.

What institutions are doing?

The good news is that this is not (fairly) new information, which is why many companies are already working towards curing cancer.


Cancer is the second most deadliest disease.



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