How being a legislative page changed my life?!?

Growing up I was told to find many interests in order to “fill my box”, so that when I grow up I can open my box with my many skills and apply them in my career. Therefore, I was involved in many things and with each experience, I learned to find a passion in it (then also get rid of it). Through the page program I have never felt so certain with what I want to do!

The page program is where students from across Ontario can experience the provincial legislature in action. The page program is definitely a once in a lifetime experience that I am very privileged to have gone through. During my short term of only 2 weeks not only did I learn so much about the Ontario parliament, but I made friends that I will forever cherish.

My briefing started at 8:15 AM where we all came to the page quarters and discussed our progress as pages and what we could have improved on. We would then get ready in our procession lines wearing our uniforms, each day we would get a mark out of 10 on how we did in our procession lines. I won’t lie it took us a while to get to a 10, but when we did we were all so EXCITED! Our first day serving the house was very nerve racking as there were so many rules to follow and 100’s of members that we all have been memorizing for months. It was so nice to see all of the members smiling and appreciating our work. We all had different roles, however my FAVOURITE time was sitting and listening to the HEATED conversations, sorry I should say heated debate!

Everyday my fellow pages and I delivered the 4 key documents (bills, petitions, motions and reports by committees) from the MPP’s, delivering them to the Speaker or Clerk. My absolute favourite part of the whole experience was having lunch with my MPP, Natalia Kusendova, not only was the food delicious (you can’t go wrong with ravioli and LOADS of tarts), but she was such a knowledgeable woman and I got to learn such valuable things from her.

I also loved the afternoon lessons, LEG PROCESS! This is where we got to learn all about the legislature from the HUGE building to parties (political) :)! One of my favourite classes was when we all learned about the judicial policies and we discussed our perspectives on certain situations.

Yup! I know what you’re thinking, if I was serving the house I must’ve been on television. Well, indeed I was! Everyday that I got to serve, it was broadcasted to programs like CTV and the globe!

Here’s a list of AWESOME things I got to do

  1. Meet people from all over Ontario

Not only did I meet all the MPP’s from all over Ontario, yes places like THUNDER BAY, but I also made connections with pages from all over Ontario and learned all about their riding.

2. Deliver documents all over the building

As you may know Queens Park is HUGE! My fellow pages and I had to deliver documents and files all over the building, even the Whitney Block, (the building connected to Queens Park). It was so fun exploring the building.

3. Develop relationships with MPP’s and workers in the building

I got to connect, and share experiences with MPP’s, but I also loved getting to talk to all the security guards while waiting for my dad.

4. Have a COOL pass to enter the building

I know this isn’t so impressive, but i was absolutely astonished when I received my pass! I could enter the building from anytime and anywhere with my pass. It had a photo of me and a really cool lanyard (that I loved to play with).

5. Wear AWESOME uniforms

Honestly, I’m not one for wearing a three piece suit everyday. However, the uniforms I got were so cool, not only was it so comfy but I definitely got some looks from visitors. :)

So what do I wanna do? Well serve my community! Yah Alisha there are hundreds of things I can do to serve my community! Well, whatever it may be I know that I want to impact the world in a positive way!



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