• Mansi Katarey

    Mansi Katarey

    Passionate about AI and how it can solve problems around the world!

  • Arthur Pineda Herrera

    Arthur Pineda Herrera

    Someday I will change the world

  • Elena Azais

    Elena Azais

    15 yo student curious that writes articles on technologies and mindsets!

  • Alessandra Caringella

    Alessandra Caringella

  • Ashley C

    Ashley C

    All things AI and emerging tech :)

  • Selina Liu

    Selina Liu

    BCI Researcher and Innovator at TKS

  • Tawsif Kamal

    Tawsif Kamal

    A 17 y/o Reinforcement Learning enthusiast looking to leverage tech towards driving social change 🤖

  • Alexis Wang

    Alexis Wang

    A Caltech student who likes to tell stories.

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