Brain Computer Interfaces for mental health care

Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI)

  • Non-Invasive BCI
  • Semi-Invasive
  • Invasive
  • Gamma Waves (32–100 Hz) — high degree of concentration
  • Beta Waves (13–32 Hz) — normal cognitive processing
  • Alpha Waves (8–13 Hz) — calm wakefulness
  • Theta Waves (4–8 Hz) — sleep or deep meditative state
  • Delta Waves (0.5–4 Hz) — high degree of synchronicity indicative of sleep

How we can leverage BCI’s to support mental health/mental illness

Current Applications of BCI’s and mental health care

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Alisha Arora

Alisha Arora

15 yo futurist, change maker and innovator at The Knowledge Society.