The tragedy that never makes the headlines, yep Infant Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID).

How do I know that? Well I haven’t heard of anything around SUID until I got the opportunity to work alongside Microsoft’s AI for good division and Seattle’s Children Hospital.

In the United States, >3700 infants die annually from sudden unexpected infant death (SUID), which includes sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed, and ill-defined causes.

Over the past few weeks I have been working on investigating the effects of maternal pre-pregnancy smoking, reduction during pregnancy, and smoking during pregnancy on SUID…

My sister Kenisha and I were extremely fortunate to be invited to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Giving Conference. This incredible opportunity is given to a select group of innovators and leaders in the non-profit sector, and my sister and I were honoured to be representing The HopeSisters. Over the time we spent virtually we got to converse with founders, philanthropists and industry leaders. We got to listen in to discussions of top world leaders and witness the world of philanthropy! This is something most adults wouldn’t expect to witness let alone a 14-year-old girl!

As I joined our…

It is without a doubt that mental health is still a stigma. We can speak about it and post about it.

However that is not enough, because we are still not educated about it.

Apparently over 46% of Americans feel unsure how to support a friend with mental illness, and over 60% of people around the globe are not educated on the types of mental illnesses as well as the symptoms. This causes many around the world to have a limited amount of access to accurate treatment.

Education is key to creating change and it is about time that we…

We all know that time of the month, where we have to go through our period.

The time of the month where there is a lot of ice cream, tears and cramps involved!

Yep! Your period.

I took some time to do a little test and see if women knew why they get their period.

Alarmingly out of 20 of my closest girl friends, only 3 knew why and how our menstruation cycle works.

This being said, it’s time we start understanding our reproductive system.

A Menstrual Cycle lasts 28 days (from the age of early adolescence to menopause) and…

There is no doubt that you, me and mostly the majority of teenagers around the globe use some sort of social media. I mean why wouldn’t you?

It’s a good place to connect and also a good place for teenagers to be someone there not.

Most content is harmless, there are the pictures of people and their friends, the political tweets and my personal favourite the reviews of terrible movies.

However sometimes that isn’t always the case. Sometimes people post more personal content that show signs of something going wrong in their life. …

Us humans are always planning,

Ask my mom, I got a planner every year for Christmas because I was so obsessed.

P.S if you want good planners check out

I wrote down my goals and to-do lists for the month and the year. I mean as a 10 year old I didn’t have much to plan other than who’s birthday parties were when but…

having a planner taught me a good skill, planning!

The funny thing is even if you don’t have a planner, you are still making plans, just somewhere else. Whether that be in your head or…

Look around you. Look at the people in the same room as you while you’re reading this. Now imagine if 1/2 of those people had Cancer.

No need to imagine… This is the world we live in, where every 1/2 people in the world will have cancer.

What’s so mind-blowing to me is not that people have the disease but that even with all of today’s technological advancements, smart people, and money. More people are dying due to cancer than ever. In 2018, 9.6 million people alone died due to this disease.

I started looking into cancer a couple of…

I still remember the day I sat with 5 of my classmates and started talking about Artificial Intelligence.

As you can already guess, they had no idea what it was. But, what I found worse than that, is that when I started talking about the implications of AI, they were only interested when I was talking about self-driving cars and video games.

Self-driving cars are cool. But, the problem is we are disregarding more important problems.

AI is a revolutionary technology that is an extension of the human mind and has the potential of solving some of the world’s largest…

I’ll be honest when “preparing” to read this book, I was worried. The author is some junkie alcoholic who is not even successful so “what advice could I get from him”. Well little did I know, i was wrong about 2 things, firstly, he may be a junkie and alcoholic but the books not called “how to land a successful job” and secondly I wasn’t getting any advice on how to change my life but a start, as there are so many things to give a f*ck about, this book helps you figure out what to give f*cks about because…

If you read the title, 50% of you’re probably thinking this must be a joke, the other 50% of you are probably thinking why should I care? Well, you’re in the right place.

For the past couple of years I have been told you have to become vegetarian if you want to save the planet, but as you guessed the world is not gonna become vegetarian. I mean meat is just too good, it’s delicious.

A few months ago I was binge-watching TED talks (I know, who does that?) and other than learning some insightful quotes, I came across a…

Alisha Arora

15 yo futurist, change maker and innovator at The Knowledge Society.

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